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Industry Experts Around The World Are Hiring Remote Talent

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Industry Experts Around The World Are Hiring Remote Talent

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Finding the right talent is crucial to effective remote hiring. We put a great deal of time & effort into finding the right match for your project needs be it short term or long term, a team of developers or a developer.

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Remote Hiring with Coding Collective is Making
all the Difference.
Here's How

Increase Saving

With Coding Collective you save up to 50% on salaries as compared to the other sources without compromising on the quality.

Remote Onboarding & Support

Once hired, Coding Collective takes care of all the HR formalities of onboarding like Payroll, IT and admin support, etc. We make sure that the talent is fully equipped & deliver measurable results

Hire Faster

With coding collective, you can start hiring within 24 hours of sharing your requirements. You don’t have to worry about vetting your employees. Directly interview and hire

Risk Free Hiring

If at any point in time you feel that the hired candidate is not fit for the profile or not delivering adequate results, we replace the candidate with the better candidate more suited to your project

Diversity is everything

Remote talent allows you to have a more diverse workforce who have worked with multiple silicon valley giants at an affordable rate

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